Simier Partners Featured in CoveyClub Article

Claire Simier was featured in an article by CoveyClub paying tribute to Martine Liautaud, founder of the Women Initiative Foundation (WIF), a professional organization promoting women’s executive leadership in the global workplace and economy. Claire serves as Executive Mentor for several of WIF’s Mentorship Programs, which help international women executives succeed throughout each stage of their careers. Claire regularly speaks at WIF programs and events, including at the launch of the U.S. Intercompany Mentorship Program and 5th Annual Women Entrepreneur’s Program at Stanford Graduate School of Business. Learn more.

Executive Communications: The Catalyst To High Performance

Executive communication is a hallmark of a great business leader and a critical differentiator when evaluating high-performing teams which depend on strong communication to effectively work across geographies, cultures and generations in today’s business environment. Conducting routine training programs is one way organizations can help individuals and teams refine these skills. In her latest Forbes article, Claire Simier shares insights on how executive communication programs can help accelerate performance at every level of an enterprise. Learn more.

Intercompany Mentorship Program for Women Executives

On September 20, 2019, Claire Simier presented at the U.S. launch of the Women Initiative Foundation (WIF) Intercompany Mentorship Program, including participants from organizations such as Amazon, Salesforce, AXA US, BNP Paribas, and United Nations. The presentation included a discussion on the ways both coaches and mentors play critical, yet distinct roles, in women’s professional success. Claire serves as an executive mentor for several of WIF’s mentorship programs. The Intercompany Program focuses on helping women reach their leadership potential and succeed in executive roles at global organizations. Learn more.

New Training Program for Lawyers

Simier Partners is delighted to announce a new program offered by colleague, Jay Harrington, designed to equip young lawyers with the professional tools necessary to succeed in today’s competitive marketplace. The Essential Associate Training Program is practical, results-oriented, and specific to the needs of young lawyers at sophisticated mid-sized and large law firms. Jay Harrington is an attorney, author, business coach, and consultant who will lead your associates through an immersive and interactive 90-day training and coaching program focusing on the essential building blocks of associate success. Learn more.

Stanford Women Entrepreneurs Program

Claire Simier participated in the 5th Annual Women Entrepreneurs Program at Stanford Graduate School of Business July 7 – 12, 2019, hosted in collaboration with BNP Paribas and the Women Initiative Foundation (WIF). The week-long program is customized for a group of handpicked women entrepreneurs from around the globe and aims to help them accelerate their business ventures within a diverse and competitive global economy. During the program, Claire spoke on a panel regarding her involvement in WIF’s Transatlantic Mentorship Program and the positive impact mentorship has on women’s professional development at all stages of their career, whether starting a new venture or running an established organization. Learn more.

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