New Strategic Design and Brand Services

Simier Partners is excited to announce new design and brand services offered by our colleagues Karin Loglisci and Tim Eng. Karin and Tim are strategic partners with a combined 30+ years of experience and a vast amount of resources across digital, print, and content development. They are dedicated to creating innovative and memorable brand experiences to help clients meet clear business objectives.

Karin Loglisci has 20 years of experience working with established branding agencies including Siegel + Gale, MetaDesign, Futurebrand and Fitch; internal marketing groups; and as an independent consultant. Tim Eng is a visual communications professional with more than 20 years of experience in strategic branding and design and has helped launch some of the most notable and well respected global brands in the financial and professional services industries.

Learn more about their offerings here. See all of our trusted resources and colleagues here.

Four Core Competencies for Leading Culturally Diverse Teams

Cultural awareness is part of the skill set that enables business leaders to address challenges multinational organizations face every day. Success in today’s global economy requires executives to lead cross-cultural teams comprised of individuals with different working styles, personalities and perspectives.

While every case is unique, there are four core competencies global leaders must develop to hone their cultural awareness. Learn more about how these competencies can help global leaders build successful culturally diverse teams here. Column, “The Talent Trainer”

Simier Partners is pleased to announce that our trusted colleague and esteemed voice in the industry, Jay Harrington, has a new monthly column on entitled “The Talent Trainer.” Jay will be providing valuable content regarding professional development issues for law firm associates. Read his first column here.

Jay’s background as both an attorney and a marketing consultant for some of the world’s top law firms allows him to understand the challenges, demands, and objectives of lawyers and law firms in this unique industry. Jay coaches and consults with lawyers and law firms on a number of issues, including personal brand development, building niche practice/industry specialties, and growing networks and generating business on LinkedIn. Learn more about Jay’s services here.

Try These 12 Strategies If You Need To Stop Micromanaging

It may not be easy, but giving your people more responsibility than you’re comfortable with leads to creative, cohesive teams. Leaders and managers must resist the urge to micromanage in order to see their teams flourish. My fellow Forbes Coaches Council members and I share our best tips on how to do so here.


Five Tips For Building Your Personal Brand in the Experience Age

The experience age imposes pressures on both companies and individuals to manage their brands according to a new set of competitive criteria that includes an online presence. As an executive coach, I am often asked: “How can I develop a personal brand that will improve my chances for success?” For many professionals, the idea of cultivating a personal brand can be daunting.

To glean fresh insights to share with my clients, I recently gathered a small group of professionals for an intimate dinner to discuss the topic. Read more for our keenest insights here.

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