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Four Key Components To Optimize A Successful Leadership Transition

Claire Simier

Smooth leadership transitions are critical to a company’s success. Unfortunately, only 12% of top companies report having a strong bench of candidates to fill leadership roles. Worse yet, data shows there is a nearly 50% failure rate for executive transitions within the first two years.

With the success or failure of an organization often dependent on effective leadership transitions, here are some tips to help new leaders succeed.

Read Claire Simier’s Forbes Coaches Council article.

March 11, 2024

How To Be An Impactful Sustainability Leader

Claire Simier

Given the impact of business on people and on the planet, organizations need leaders with a clear sustainability leadership commitment. These leaders must be able to effectively integrate sustainability into organizational strategy and operations, leveraging a sustainable mindset with the skills and initiative to drive the transformation needed to achieve sustainability and commercial profitability.

Adopting A Sustainable Mindset

To implement meaningful sustainable transformation, leaders must develop a sustainable mindset. Plainly stated, a sustainable leader puts sustainability at the core of the business model and is committed to the belief that the commercial success and performance of a business is directly linked with the social and environmental framework in which it operates. A leader with this mindset recognizes sustainability as a source of competitive advantage and is driven by implementing and incorporating changes with the greatest ecological and social impact—for both the short and long term. (This sometimes means taking actions at some short-term cost to profit margins, or operating in a more logistically complex way to keep sustainability at the forefront, understanding the long-term effects will result in environmental, social and economic profitability.) Read Claire Simier’s Forbes Coaches Council article.

July 25, 2023

Executive coaching is useful therapy that you can expense

The practice does not have to be an exercise in platitudes

In a documentary from 2004, “Metallica: Some Kind of Monster”, members of the titular heavy-metal band hire a “performance-enhancement coach” to help them resolve their disagreements. The musicians cannot stand him and end up bonding over their decision to get rid of him. When an ex-banker, after years of working at Lehman Brothers and ubs, hired a coach to discuss his next steps, the nugget of wisdom he acquired in the course of half a dozen 40-minute sessions setting him back almost $8,000 was that he should seek a role where he would be “paid for his experience”.It is tempting to paint executive coaching as one more status symbol inflating a sense of high-powered managers’ already-ample sense of self-importance. Yet the practice—which combines management advice with therapy—does not have to be an expensive exercise in platitudes. Few executives remain static in their careers, and many need guidance at moments of transition, when relying on an internal monologue is not enough. The covid-19 pandemic, which heightened the anxiety felt by high-performers, increased the need for skilled coaching. A study from 2019 by Angel Advisors, a professional training service, found that coaching in America is now a $2bn industry—large for what might seem like a niche business. The existence of such demand strongly suggests that professional grooming has its uses. Read entire Economist article.

July 25, 2023

Claire Simier Named Strategic Advisor to the Women Initiative Foundation

Claire Simier will serve as Strategic Advisor to the Women Initiative Foundation (WIF), along with Venture Capital and Investment Advisor, Julie Drapier.  In this role, they will co-manage WIF initiatives and programs for the east coast chapter’s upcoming calendar year. WIF is an international nonprofit organization with a presence in Paris, New York, San Francisco, Montreal, and Singapore. Their mission is to promote the advancement of women in the workplace and in the economy. WIF’s bespoke offerings include innovative executive programs designed in conjunction with universities including Stanford, McGill, Berkeley Haas, and Scripps College; an inter-company mentorship program allowing a privileged relationship between  professionals  in different companies with varying seniority; and numerous events encouraging networking. Companies participating in WIF programs include BNP Paribas, EY, AXA, Engie, L’Oreal, Salesforce, United Nations, Groupe Germain, among many others. Learn more.

November 7, 2021

Four Tips for Mentoring Amid Changing Climates

Mentoring is a cornerstone of every great leader’s career and is a skill that can aid teams in navigating transitions during a crisis – whether specific to an organization or applicable on a global scale. The demand for this skill is growing now more than ever because mentors can play a crucial role in retaining talent, maintaining an inclusive workforce and building organizational commitment amid crises. In her latest Forbes article, Claire Simier shares tips for executives to effectively mentor others through climates of change and stand out as an executive leader. Learn more.

February 3, 2021